Williams by Steffan Hermann

December 7, 2013 + Multiple more visits.

A week after I had taken the Snaps out for their Wedding Anniversary we where looking for a little late afternoon snack. Not some typical curry wurst or hamburger stuff, but something a bit more fine/upscale. What could we get around our neighbourhood that is not a tourist trap? A few seconds later the light bulb went on and we realized we had not tried the William’s restaurant across the street. Should it even be close to Bean & Beluga then we knew we would be in good company.

From Post Platz simply walk towards the theatre on Ostra-Alle and here there is a non assuming little sign to the door of William. Basically it is the ticket office entry to the Theatre, and a simple walk up a few flights of stairs.


From the outside it is hard to tell the grandeur of this restaurant but once you walk up the stairs which are of a nice grey marble and into the doors it starts to show its Baroque style beauty. First you are greeted by the bar area with a nice view of the palace directly through its windows. Through another door of purple silk curtains you arrive in the main eating area. This room opens up with 4-6 meter ceilings, gold panels. This is decided into two section with a string/sheer curtain to soften and divide the room.


The first part is more of a circular fashion in layout with many little cozy lounge style sittings. In the main room their is a large bar to the right side of the room, a booth that wraps around the centre of the room which is the back-bone of the tables surrounding. The booth is very classy and not unlike something you would find in a fine Paris Jet-setter hang-out, or some of the finer dining location in Prague. Very classy and not at all what it looks like from the outside which only adds to the allure.

Lounge Area:



Looking in from Lounge: (large bench is purple, and bar on right not shown).



Looking back towards lounge where we where eating.


View from seating looking out to the palace.

Pallace-1 Pallace-2





Club House Sandwich



Although not shown in this post we did visit this location on a few occasions to verify our tastings. With our last visit just after Christmas we decided to stop in again for some snacks and cocktails. I did the test by asking for a Gin Basil Smash but instead substituted with Monkey 47 Gin. Only to happy to oblige with our request they came back with one totally delicious cocktail. I may add you should try this. With out going to off topic it brings the Gin Basil Smash to a very interesting and mysterious place. Very much reminds me of the black forest.

The cocktails are spot on, but when paired with their croque-monsieur its devine and a worthy Snap experience to say the least and which brings us back full circle here. By far the best sandwich I have had in Dresden is this croque-monsieur. Not only does it have everything a Monsieur Snap could want, but it is very finely executed. Cheese is rich and smooth, bread slightly sweet yet lightly toasted to perfection with the ham adding the final salty flavour that glues this all together. Oh and least I not forget it comes with an equally tasty side of greens in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Although the club house was still one of the better sandwiches and hard to falter it was a bit pail in taste in comparison. How should we say that it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi compared to monsieur, but by no means is this saying this is an insult or not high quality.

In short and to put some perspective back to the Snap experience about William I can only add the service is absolutely top notch. Considering how bad service can be in Dresden, and many parts of Germany this is not much of a standard to live up to. However the standards to which we judge as Snap’s is not of a substandard but against the best, and every now and again a star shines through. Be it a Ritz hotel, 3 star Michelin, VIP lounges, or just a local pub there should be no difference. William should be commended on how well his staff are trained as this is what makes a great experience. Considering how fine the food is, and we just wanted snack, the price is simply fabulous and more than special. Heck you can have a great cocktail, snack, great service all for less than most franchise fast food chains.

Rest assured the Snap’s will be back again, and not just because its close to home.  If you are going to the theatre it is a must and really worth climbing a few steps to reach.

Snap! Snap!


Monsieur Snap