Category: The Snap’s

*Belgium Snap

Belgium Snap: Aliases: The Mussels From Bruxelles, Snap VanDam. This lovely and easy going Snap in our Snap family is one of the largest fries and mussel eaters
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*Bonjour Snap

  Bonjour Snap: Aliases: Necking Snap, The Snailer, Goose Hunter, .. Twin brother to Monsieur Snap Bonjour Snap would be the left wing of the twins. Laid back,
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*Monsieur Snap

Monsieur Snap Twin brother of Bonjour Snap aka Necking Snap Aliases: Snap Bond (00Snap), Snap Wolf, Snap Dancer…. Hobbies: Snailing (sleeping), reading, kino, cooking, making music, biking, more…..
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