(Snap France) Canadian Snap’s BIG FOUR OH Birthday in France *Life Lesson*

The chickenThere was many thoughts and experiences that have been going through my mind and especially the last year. Whenever a birthday approaches me I often find myself measuring myself against a set of standards I have envisioned on where I would be in life and what I have not done. Normally I don’t talk much about how I feel or even acknowledge the bigger obstacles that I have faced in my years on this planet. You know, the things like trying hard to learn German but with few friends and working shift-work it has been a real challenge. Add in boss always telling me it is poor and the company offering no help, or ever hearing a thanks for the good work I have done I was in no mood to “not” make my 40th birthday special. Hell, time for me to realize that yes I did survive cancer and even was one of the first people to ever keep my leg from surgery. That last part that sort of clued me in was when I was at the German specialist a few months earlier and he said my survival rate was in the areas of %40, even to todays standars.  40th Birthday, %40 all said one thing to me and that was for me to grab the Snap Family and head out to the South of France.

So yes please excuse that heavy little bit as I was generally in a very positive mood and it is not uncommon for me to be a bit over dramatic during the season of the Birthday but I knew this trip was part of the driving force to start the Dersnap website.

Snap’s naturally are not going to go the same old Snap path that your typical tourist may travel. For us the first leg of the journey would head us to Lyon for a few days before we worked our way down to Marseilles. It was vitally important for us to hit a specific rest stop as this is known for Bresse chicken being roasted. Yes that famous bird that Michelin Star Chef’s the world over search out as being the best type of chicken, and yes available at a rest stop. This is one of the beauties of France in that they often offer local produce in the rest stations on the highways even if the coffee is closer to diesel.


If you ask the French Snap’s about where they love to go it is always Mama-Snaps. Mama Snaps translated from the Snap’s language to the human world is Simply Mama Shelter and the first Mama House this time was in Lyon.  Nice rooms that are clean, have free movies, iMac in each room are all standard in the service. Friendly staff, great food at a reasonable price are also part of the package and just like Mama Snap’s House they really go out of their way for service.  A little cocktail, some mussels with sausage and these Snap’s where ready to rest before seeing the town.  After all we did drive all night often racing other Germans on the autobahn to make the lunch menu of the Bresse Chicken fresh off the roast.

mama-cocktail-lyonmamaslawmamachipsmama mussel






A movie or so later, a little Snapnap (Snail) and it was time to get out and see Lyon:

The hotel was just a short walk down to the famous Rhone river, and just another hop over the second river Saone. With fresh air and a comfy 20 degrees it was easy to start to be impressed with the atmosphere.

Lyon-bridge1 Lyon-bridge2 River leftbank downstream rightbankold town










The Old City has a very old European feel and is an absolute charm to walk through. Streets and building older than Canada, narrow passage ways, and stairs to climb the hill to the great church and look out the old city was working its charm but with the promise of a great panoramic view the climb had to continue.






top view





The Picture from the top hardly does any justice to the feeling you have climbing those stairs and passing all the little houses through the stair passage. With another 50 or so meters to the church through the garden paths we had no idea what to expect inside, but I think the pictures speak for themselves:


Church Door







Now after a decent hike and back down and the late lunch hour to our backs it was time to sit for some crepes and cider. Well sitting at the cafe in the old city we had a local youth brass band come through the town playing some lively and spiritual music. One could easily get used to the lifestyle here as the French know how to “live” life..







Then a little rest at the hotel before some night exploration……..


When in the region of France that is well known for having some of Frances highest end Chefs and cuisine it would seem strange to be wanting a hamburger. That is of course until you realize this is one with goose liver and a very special creations on some of the best and freshest brioche type bread lightly toasted and accompanied by a rather decent wine of the local.






The German Snaps chicken in the yellow wine sauce, wild mushrooms,  and Brasse bird was so define and rich we where left with out words and very stuffed.






On this note we concluded our last night in Lyon before heading out South in the morning to Marseilles. In part 2 I will share Marseilles and some Michelin Cuisine.

Lyon is a very special place and something I feel I barely touched on and often find my mind thinking about almost a year later.

Below is some night shots we took heading back to the Shelter on our last night.

Hopefully you also will be inspired to visit this amazing city. ………..

Canadian Snap 🙂




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