(Snap Terms) Snap Vocabulary



A lot of what the Snap language is runs parallel to human English. There is of course French influence, German, Dutch, etc. Some of the Snap’s are multi-lingual. Still a few basics may help:

Snap’s live in a world parallel to many of us. Places like Snap France, Snap Belgium are just a few examples of the countries.


May come in the form of:

Snapseterdam: Amsterdam

Snapenhagen: Copenhagen,

Snap Berlin: Berlin,

Snap Pari: Paris.


Snap Talk:

Some words to talk Snap may be also of value:

Snappion: Comes from the German word schnäpchen, meaning bargain. To a Snap though if you are a Snap of great quality and get this at a great price you are a champion shopper or a Snappion.

Snap-Off: Anther saying for basically telling someone to back off.

Snagel: Basically from the world snail in Danish but often used for Snap’s to mean many things from a hello, give me a Danish Snail, and a host of other meanings. This is sort of an allusive word that can must be in context to understand. Mostly only Snap’s know what the heck they are talking about with this word.

 Snail: Once of the best forms of food that Snap’s love to eat. However Snail can also mean sleep, or Snailing to represent the actual process of sleeping.

Sparkling Snail: Champagne, or other sparkling type wines.




Snap Bond: James Bond


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