*Bonjour Snap



Bonjour Snap:

Aliases: Necking Snap, The Snailer, Goose Hunter, ..

Twin brother to Monsieur Snap Bonjour Snap would be the left wing of the twins. Laid back, taking time, sniffing for long periods all the scents, slow tasting wines, foods, this is the suave gentleman of the Snap Family. Known as a professional “Snailer” ┬áhe is one who is very gentle and always willing to snug up to you in the bed, arms, etc.

As Gordon Ramsey once said to a certain French Chef in Kitchen Nightmares “Have you gone Bonjour”, meaning sort of crazy this is the flip side to this cute little devil. His years in Berlin have granted him the cult status of the Bonjour name from his experiences in the Jet-Setter nightlife. There is even an investigation to a certain missing Monsieur Goose who Berlin Police think he has ate.


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