*Monsieur Snap


Monsieur Snap

Twin brother of Bonjour Snap aka Necking Snap

Aliases: Snap Bond (00Snap), Snap Wolf, Snap Dancer….

Hobbies: Snailing (sleeping), reading, kino, cooking, making music, biking, more…..

Straight out of Snap-France comes this talented and good-looking Snap who drives all the ladies crazy. Although not the most modest Monsieur will not hold the punches when it comes to quality or things he displeases with.

Constantly in search of passionate people and snaps who push the boundaries with their dreams Monsieur is one who will arrange a trip across the European continent in search of the perfect Snail then write about it. Get up in this Snap’s face though and disrespect and you may hear the harsh words of “Snap-Off” but this would require an extreme situation.

In short this is a high calibre Snap Man who knows what he likes, and likes to share it with his friends and good people. He is not the Snap Man that like people to think they are above others and thinks respect should be equally shared and not for the so called privileged.

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