*Belgium Snap

BelgiumSnapBelgium Snap:

Aliases: The Mussels From Bruxelles, Snap VanDam.

This lovely and easy going Snap in our Snap family is one of the largest fries and mussel eaters in the world. His love of chocolate is only seconded by his love of the famous Belgium beers.

Belgium Snap was introduced to the Snap Family by a special lady Kaori back in early electronic music scene in Toronto during the 90’s. He had heard of the great music scene from his former background in the famous dance music group Snap, with members Monsieur and Bonjour Snap. Still, although an easy going Snap he and Monsieur will get into Snap battles over the Belgium beer when it is placed on the table. That is of course until Monsieur passes out due to it high alcohol percentage.

Belgium will be our expert on the beers and has promised us a tour of his country favourites that range from Scotch Beers, to raspberry beer that is finer than champagne.


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