(Kitchen Snap) Wake up and smell the Espresso **ECM Espresso Machine**



There is a saying that goes something along the lines of starting off on the right foot. Although I likely quoted that a bit wrong the basic feeling in my Snap mind is that you start thing off correctly and at least your day should. From my Snap perspective or belief  it is always best to start from the top as it places things in a positive motion. Heck and at the very least good coffee equals good morning.

Us Snap’s have a great history and experience in the Barista culture. With the Canadian Snap having done his duties at various establishments as a Barista including the most demanding cliental, like at the Drake Hotel, we have grown to expect and appreciate a certain top level of espresso. Still with limited funds starting a new life here in Germany and various other detractions it was easy to forget the skill and passion that once was tamped to perfection 800 times a day. Cold mornings, frustration of a 30 dollar espresso machine, and watching the Canadian Snap go insane when the German Snap wanted her coffee due to the 10 minute process where no longer cutting it………….


Lucky for me the local Media Markt had a dream machine I had been eyeing up for months. As this machine had none of the typical things the locals like here such as automatic bum washer, fake diamonds, alien pod things to resemble coffee this little beauty was not touched. Better yet a little haggle, great price as I am a “Snappion”, and Canadian Snap having some soar ams due to the weight of Kitchen Snap and he was in his new house.

Kitchen Snap is an ECM (Espresso Machine Company) Mechanika III which basically is a HX (Heat Exchange) type of Espresso Machine. To his right is his Italian grinder buddy which I will discuss in another post. Oh yes with a decent timer Kitchen Snap  is awake Snapping away first thing in the morning with warm cups ready to greet you. Hell of a lot better than the noise of some alarm clock, I must say. *Smiles*

Snap, shhhh, Snap, shhhhh……… this is often what the Snap’s are now woken up to as Kitchen Snap waits for you to join him for the morning brew. Better and to the point with some time and patients Kitchen Snap has learned us Snap’s in how far we can really go with the perfect GOD SHOT.

There is a new generation of roasters who are likely more passionate than the greatest of wine or spirit producers. When you get up each morning and have the luxury of starting your day off with the Rolls Royce of espresso machines then suddenly things seem to be a lot more positive and glowing, and at least for the Snap’s this has lead to a very positive life experience. Ritual instead of robot is the thought that often comes to mind when stepping into the Kitchen Snap domain where the shortcut process has no reward. From the second the lever is pulled you watch the espresso slowly pre-infuse and then this wonderful and glorious thick flow of tiger-stripe colours in caramel and chocolate run into your cup the senses start to come alive. A nice froth of the milk creates this ever so fine and silky micro-foam that combines to create the smoothest and richest morning cappuccino.

Put more in the simplest of terms the Canadian Snap no longer goes mad to make the coffee and actually can’t wait to show off his skills because great tools create a special relationship.

For myself Kitchen Snap has opened the world of espresso that was once before disregarded as inferior as other machines were not showing the full potential of the roast. Now the added benefit of six years of good mornings, taking the time to “smell the coffee” has added such a world of health benefits that it would be hard to say this was not a great new family member. Never mind the fact we no longer add sugar to anything because we are now getting the real picture of what the espresso has to offer. Each new blend is a new journey like a fine wine or spirit and a great reward for choosing a quality path and investing in ones life.







Morning Snapacino







Kitchen Snap Starts our day and is the only one allowed to break the dreams. But just wait as we have not even got into the naked triple filters, the joy of grinding, or just the right tamp 😉


Snap Snap!

Monsieur Snap





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